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So, it’s finally decided, I’m going to Budapest for a few days! Its very last minute, just arranged it today actually, & I head there 3 days from now! Not alot of time to organise, but hey I prefer it this way, now I don’t have to wait long till I go.

Definitely going to be using some information and ideas from bloggers like Europe Travel Adventures and A Worldly Addiction because they have mentioned Budapest as a highly worthwhile destination, thanks guys!

Going to have to get that wee itinerary of what to pack out pretty sharp…3 days!



Budapest by night

As much as I wish this was my home, its not. Should I win the lottery on friday & disapear, this is where you should look for me 1st!. I have to reblog this page by Currywurtnation, titled All things Berlin!, because this is my favourite place to go!. Ive been here 5 times over the years, as Berlin has so much to offer!, yet alot of people still wouldnt think to visit. I could spend all day talking about why you should go, but this page sells it just as good!. What I will do is put up a few photos of my favourite times here over the years!, happy reading!