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Since I’m heading off to Budapest in the morning, I best get a move on. Considering I have just started packing, I really should get in the zone here. Thinking along these lines, I thought I would put up a quick post reminder of what we should definately have with us!

  • Passport: A no brainer, would be extremely gutted if I showed up to the airport and realised this wasn’t around. It’s straight on the bus back home, instead of the plane far away.
  • Travel Documents: Again, an absolute must!. Shouldn’t be hard to forget the flight docs, especially when you pack your passport, but also other docs you may need to print off like hotel bookings, airport transfers or train tickets.
  • Currency: Yup, its going to be no use to me going to Budapest tomorrow with £’s in my pocket, and lets be honest, should you forget to change currency before the trip, its going to cost alot more at the airport or destination. Keep an eye out online for places with best conversion rates. Google it!
  • Credit Cards: Even though your bank will probably have some sort of conversion fee if you use your card abroad, its still a good idea to take it with you. Should you loose your money or be victim of pick pocketing, a credit card can be a life saver (just use with caution).
  • Travel Insurance: Alot of banks in the UK now have travel insurance on their special account cards, but I don’t have that, so I do it online. Few minutes, add details and your covered, again, look around for best price and cover. But don’t leave home without it, 99% nothing will happen, but its best to be safe than sorry.
  • Vaccinations & Medications: Alot of my trips are around Europe so I’m fine with these, however when I did go to Singapore a couple of years back I had to get a few vaccinations before heading there. Quick appointment with the doctor can put your mind at ease if you’re not sure. Also make sure you have any meds you may need, sorted before you go. Again, better safe than sorry with this 1, you would hate to go on holiday and end up unwell, and know your meds are at home on the kitchen counter!
  • Mobile Phone/iPod/Laptop: Electronics have to be with me!. Long flights or train journeys can be alot smoother if I can watch films, listen to heavy metal or play games on route. But more than often the laptop is for the hotel room. I prefer a hotel/apartment with free Wi-Fi (it’s a must for me), this is so I can connect online to use Google maps to get an idea of where an attraction, bar or restaurant is in the place I’m visiting. Oh and remember the chargers for these items!
  • Camera: I know this is an electronic, but I give it its own point, because there more to it. Yes, take the camera but don’t forget the charger, memory cards, tripods, lenses, bag and cleaner kits. Your going to another place, you want good picture memories to bring back so take note!
  • Travel Adaptor: I have about 3 of these things each time I travel. Your going to be very annoyed when you get to your destination and realise you forgot these things. Yup, your going to have to buy 1 now aren’t you!
  • Clothes: Well yes, this is pretty obvious but take into account other items like waterproofs along with your jackets, a suit along with your shirts and walking boots along with trainers. You never know, you maybe go out 1 night where you have to wear smart suit, go long walking tours where walking boots would outweigh trainers or even go to an icebar when a tee shirt just isn’t enough (trust me!)
  • Toiletries: Including towels incase you go to the beach, or like i will be, the Budapest baths!. Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, moisturiser, razor, hair putty and shower gel, all essential items. Sun lotion is also worth taking, I hardly need that here in Scotland but I do forget that there are places in the world where its actually warm!
  • What do you take with you that just cannot be forgotten?, anything I haven’t sorted out that anyone can remind me of?. Ha, I’ll no doubt leave here later knowing in the back of my mind something is missing, but I guess that’s all part of the excitement of the day, and of travelling.

    Budapest, Christopher is coming to visit!