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Day 3:

Day 3 started again with a lovely breakfast at our hotel, I was loving the breakfast buffet for the simple fact, nutella was never ending!

Heroes SquareI started the day hoping to go on a walking tour in Pest, however I didn’t get to do this because I couldn’t find the starting point for it. Instead we walked a little up Budapest’s main street, Andrássy Avenue, a street classed as a World Heritage Site, and lined with cafes, restaurants and theatres. Since the walking tour was a miss, I dicided to visit the Budapest Zoo, it was close to Heroes’ Square at the top end of Andrássy Avenue. I took the metro Line 1 which runs up and down this street to get there.

When we reached Heroes’ Square I had to stop for some photos ofcourse, its a brilliant area to see. The square has adjacent museums aswell as statues and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Around a 5 to 10 min walk away is the fabulous Budapest Zoo. Heroes SquareNow I’m a huge animal lover and I firmly believe that Zoos are a great idea, especially to keep certain species protected. I’ve visited some amazing Zoo’s, like the Berlin Zoo and my favourite (by far) Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, but Budapest Zoo is a cracking place to visit. I went in February so it was colder and a few of the stalls inside the zoo were closed but it was still booming with life. You see animals so close, alot is open planned so moats are used to divide the public from the animals. Obviously some, like lions and tigers are behind reinforced glass. There is a reptile house, aquarium, petting zoo and walk through areas where you can get right beside wombats etc. Me and a lionI personally loved the monkey and ape area, there was a baby gorilla called Bongo who was highly entertaining, basically being a pest to his other family members. Its also noted that the Budapest Card gives you a 25% reduction on admission tickets. I spent a good few hours at the zoo, but I was getting rather hungry so we headed for the exit to find a nice place for a late lunch.

Outside the Zoo we were back in the city park. We passed by the The Széchenyi Thermal Baths which I ended up not visiting (such an eejit). The baths looked huge, you could see into the complex a little, looked fun. I continued walking through the park towards the City Park Ice rink, passing the beautiful Vajdahunyad Castle. We found a great little restaurant on the edge of the ice rink called Varosliget. From here you get some great views onto the ice rink outside, with locals and tourists trying there hand at some ice skating while you have a great meal. I’ts also good to note if you visit in summer months, the ice rink is replaced with a pond. Angela at petting zooI really enjoyed up at the City Park, its a great place to take in some great sights in both architecture and green space. I had to get a few more photos of Heroes’ Square before heading back to the city centre though, brilliant!.

Once back at the city centre I took another walk along the Danube towards the Budapest Parliament Building. The structure is stunning!, definitely 1 of the most spectacular looking buildings I’ve ever seen! I took in the surroundings of the building and visited the visitor centre underground. The tours were all sold for the day so I looked into getting the tour the following day. There are guards in the Square who move, very little, kinda like the guards at Buckingham Palace. Also good to note is that there’s a tram, tram number 2 that basiclly runs on a stretch of track all the way along the banks of the Danube on the Pest side, including right past the Parliament Building. This was a great route for us getting to and from our hotel area, but also gives great views along Danube.

Budapest ParlimentFinal event of the day was a great dinner in the TGi Fridays restaurant at Oktogon. I needed it! all that exploring of the City Park, Budapest Zoo and Budapest Parliament Building took it out of me. Once again I knew I was going to have a fantastic sleep!, aswell as looking forward to my final full day in Budapest.