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So tonight I had a wee wander up to the Glasgow Botanic Gardens. They are running an event called The Electric Gardens, and its a beautiful mixture of sound, light and movement art that really brings out the best of the Botanics.

Its a great place to have this sort of event, the gardens are vast and it allows all the sounds and music to travel around the grounds. Its well lit so the route is easy to navigate. I was most impressed by the simple yet eerie elegance of the lights in the old Botanic train station. It was made to look as if a train is passing through, there was a real sense of historical beauty in the smoke and light effects set up here, brilliant!

Anyone in the area should have a look into it. Its rather steep priced though i must say, for the offical website click here. oh, I got a few pictures aswell, have a look!…


Glasgow Sundays

Posted: January 19, 2015 in Uncategorized
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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Local Flavor.”

In an attempt to blog on the writing prompt task on Blogging 101 I have to share my Sunday with you. Yes, its the final day of the week, and yes alot of people would say it should be a lazy, long lie in bed sort of day. Not me!

So what do I do on a Sunday?, I walk a route around my city, Glasgow. Pretty much the same route every Sunday come rain or shine (although should it rain bad, I maybe cut it short and head onto the Subway), summer or winter. Glasgow looks brilliant anytime of the year!. Below is the route I walk, click the image for a bigger view!

Glasgow Walk

Glasgow Walk

I take in small parts of two major Glasgow ‘walking routes’, the first is the Kelvin Walkway which runs throught Kelvingrove Park and follows the river Kelvin towards the Glasgow Botanic Gardens. The second, is a small stretch of the Clyde Walkway along the banks of the river Clyde to the city centre.

Away from these ‘walking routes’ I also go through some busy shopping streets in the city centre like Buchanan Street and Sauchiehall Street aswell as in the west end, like Byres Road. Further down the journey I pass by some of Glasgows best attractions like the Glasgow Science Centre, the Transport Museum and the relitively new Hydro arena (‘the world’s second busiest venue’). There are many other unique sights that catch the eye, many of Glasgows old cranes are still standing from the shipbuilding days aswell as plenty of different bridges spanning the Clyde.

Glasgow sights including the Science Centre & Glasgow Tower (left), the Hydro Arena (centre) and Buchanan Street (right)

Glasgow sights including the Science Centre & Glasgow Tower (left), the Hydro Arena (centre) and Buchanan Street (right)