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Its been around 3 weeks now since I went a wee trip to Budapest for a few days, it was a fantastic city and was just as amazing to be there, it had plentiful of things to do and see. I thought it would be a good plan to share what I got up to whilst there, but I cannot stress enough how much I KNOW I will return!

I will break the trip into a number of posts, about the different days we were there, so here’s day 1, hope you enjoy!

Day 1:

Edinburgh to Budapest via Frankfurt, was worth the stopover just to see all the planes, but because of this we arrived quite late in the afternoon/early evening to Budapest, around 6pm.

The Danube at nightComing into land we seen the city all lit up for us arriving, although it did look rather alien to us then!. We got into the terminal, grabbed our bags, and got our ‘Budapest Card’, which was a great buy, even for the public transport alone. A quick bus from the airport to the end of the Metro Line 3 and we were on the only metro we needed to reach our hotel/apartment ‘Adina Apartments Budapest’ (I have a review here on Trip Advisor if you would like to read it). We felt lost (a little) but got to the hotel quite quickly. We left our stuff at the hotel and off we went to explore!

Now I was pretty hungry, so I had to go eat at my favourite place, Hard Rock Cafe, always guaranteed a great meal there! And it was great! After a bite we headed toward the river Danube which became our ‘home’ or ‘restart’ place, just incase we got lost. When we reached to Danube on that 1st night my breathe was taken away.

Buda CastleTo see The Citadel, Buda Castle and the Chain Bridge lit up was stunning. I had plentiful of snap happy moments with my camera that evening. I’ve seen some awesome bridges like the Charles Bridge in Prague, The Helix Bridge in Singapore or Ponte Vecchio in Florence, but the Chain Bridge in Budapest has definitely become my favourite. It a beautiful bridge to photograph and take a walk over, even if just to see the statues of the guardian lions close up, they are so detailed. I was getting a little caught up in photographing these beautiful sites that it was already past midnight.

The Chain BridgeI started to walk towards the metro to get home. On the way I passed, what must have been the Budapest nightlife area along a street called ‘Zrínyi utca’. It was full of people waiting to get into clubs etc. At the end of the street we had the St. Stephen’s Basilica in view, all lit up, although the lights went out just as we got close to it. The metro turned out to be finished for the night, so we had to walk home as we weren’t totally clued up on the buses that night, but the walk back, although tiring after a long day, was worth the effort as it taught us some more bearings about the city.

Buda CastleOn the way home we past places like the Budapest-Nyugati Railway station, the massive West End City shopping centre and the Church of Saint Margaret of the Árpád. After that walk back I was shattered, not to mention excited. I had seen so much in a few short hours, I couldn’t wait to see what a few days would bring!